Skyhawk Panel

Skyhawk Panel

My Skyhawk

This is a 1969 Model K Cessna Skyhawk.  The former owner flew it frequently in IFR so it is well equipped with an  Stec System 3 2-axis auto pilot with altitude hold, Strike Finder weather avoidance and  back-up vacuum supply. I no longer fly   instruments.

My model K has a useful load of 640 pound with full fuel.  This is better than newer models.

I use ForeFlight on my iPad mini for in-flight weather and moving map display.

I’m based at Casa de Aero, 68IS, in Hampshire, IL.  My hangar is only a few steps from my house so I can fly frequently. My aim is fly 100 hours a year to maintain my proficiency.

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  1. Dennis, love the informationon your site.
    Ended up in the Cesna section but was stunned by the amazing photos of the stars. Very impressive.

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